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Whatís So Hot About Concrete?



Do you have a design idea that is unique? When it comes to custom concrete countertops, design possibilities are limitless. Concrete countertops are handcrafted and personalized for each individual client. They can have decorative features such as inlays, functional drain boards, recycled glass, gems, stainless steel trivets, and beautiful profiles. Along with the unlimited possibilities for design, acid staining and finishing techniques can create beautiful character and an even more personalized look.

blue shop table        kitchen island with glass inlays        black concrete vanity        black concrete vanity


Do you have a specific item you are trying to design a room around? Do you have a particular color in mind but canít quite find what you are looking for? Unlike granite where you are limited to what stones are available, custom concrete can be handcrafted to work with anything you want. When designing a kitchen, bathroom or any area that includes custom concrete, the concrete can be designed to work with any color scheme. Standard grays, browns and sand colors can be made custom, absolutely unique and beautiful; as well as colors that aren't so ordinary. Do you want a purple countertop, for instance? We can do any color you want!

purple countertop         color samples        color samples


Yes, concrete is very porous. This DOES NOT mean you have to live with stains, or sacrifice using natural sealers. There are options in the concrete world to include high-quality topical sealers, specifically formulated for concrete countertops, that are extremely stain resistant. Even red wine and blood oranges can't penetrate the best sealers.

There are also alternative options that are natural, soy-based products and waxes that, with the proper care, can continue looking as beautiful as the day they were installed.


Not Just For Kitchens!

Concrete is beautiful throughout the house, not just kitchen countertops and islands. Fireplace hearths,
concrete sinks, bathroom vanities and tabletops add tremendous character to any room.

hearth        concrete sink        vanity        table

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